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DNS Propagation Checker is a JungleWP® community app to instantly check your DNS record information against multiple name servers located in different parts of the world.

Error Codes

When your DNS record or Domain name cannot be reached (not propagated) the server returns an HTTP 500 Error (Internal Server Error).

When incorrect user input is entered, the server returns an HTTP 400 Error (Bad Request).

Server Result TTL
at   Austria 1
at   Austria 2
ch   Switzerland 1
cn   China 1
cz   Czech Republic 1
cz   Czech Republic 2
de   Germany 1
de   Germany 2
de   Germany 3
dk   Denmark 1
dk   Denmark 2
ru   Russia 1
ru   Russia 2
ru   Russia 3
us   United States 1
us   United States 2
fr   France n
fr   France n
ch   Switzerland g
ch   Switzerland g